Field Diary

The Basket Makers of al-Hagz & the Local Roots of Archaeological Fieldwork at Abydos by Wendy Doyon

When you think of archaeology in Egypt, a pyramid, or a trowel, maybe a mummy, or perhaps even a palm tree is probably one of the first things to come to mind. But a hoe and basket? These may bring to mind something closer to life on a farm than an excavation, but did you know there is a long history of adapting traditional agricultural tools to archaeology in Egypt? Take a closer look at the shared historical roots of modern agricultural and archaeological fieldwork in Egypt in our latest blog post.

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Photogrammetry is the New Archaeological Photography: 3D Modeling at Abydos by Wendy Doyon

Excavation is at the heart of all archaeology — it is how we see into the past. But any excavation is only as good as the body of knowledge and understanding it supports through documentation, conservation, outreach, and publication. Read on to see how advanced technologies like 3D modeling are adding new dimensions of context to traditional methods of archaeological documentation.

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Conserving a Painted Coffin In Situ by Wendy Doyon

Thousands of burials lie beneath the desert landscape at Abydos, many in subterranean tombs, others in plain wooden coffins placed in pits in the sand. Once in a while, an elaborate burial comes to light and takes your breath away — like the one we found last week just outside the east corner gateway of the Shunet el-Zebib. Read on for an in-depth, conservator’s-eye-view of this exciting find.

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