Expedition Co-Directors


(in alphabetical order)

Doha Fathy_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Doha Abou Elenien

Senior Collections Manager

Doha Abou Elenien is a Heritage Officer in the International Organization for Culture Heritage and International Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Antiquities in Cairo, with over ten years of previous experience as an Associate Registrar at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. While in the Registration and Collections Management Department at the Egyptian Museum, she managed and collaborated on many in-house exhibitions on the history of ancient Egypt and Egyptology, including an exhibit series on the history of international collaboration in Egyptian archaeology. She participated in the Getty Museum’s training review for the Registration and Collections Management Department at the Egyptian Museum, and is also a member of the Committee for Collections Management Databases at the Ministry of Antiquities. Doha has led the collections team at North Abydos since 2011, and is also the Collections Manager for the Abydos Middle Cemetery Project since 2017. She holds a BA in Conservation from Cairo University, as well as several professional training certificates, including “Archaeological and Heritage Management in Germany” from the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), Berlin; “Combating Looting and Trafficking at Conflict Sites” from the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) of the U.S. State Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs; and “Management of World Heritage Sites” and “Strengthening National Capacity on the UNESCO 1972 Convention in Egypt” from UNESCO.

Abul-Yazid_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Mohamed Abu el-Yazid

Egyptologist, Archaeologist

Mohamed Abu el-Yazid is a PhD candidate in Egyptology at the University of Tübingen and an Inspector of Antiquities based in Sohag, Egypt. In his work for the Ministry of Antiquities since 2000, he has excavated extensively at Athribis, Luxor, Thebes, and Abydos, while also collaborating on many international projects at all of these sites. He holds an MA in Egyptology from Ain Shams University and a BA in Egyptology from Cairo University, Fayum, and has been excavating at and publishing on Abydos for more than twenty years. He joined the excavation team at North Abydos in 2019. His recent publications include “Architecture of the Slaughterhouse of the Seti Temple at Abydos” in Abydos: The Sacred Land at the Western Horizon (British Museum Publications on Egypt and Sudan 8, Peeters, 2019) and, with Josef Wegner, “The Mountain of Anubis: Necropolis seal of Senwosret III tomb enclosure at Abydos” in Timelines: Studies in Honour of Manfred Bietak (Peeters, 2006).

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Sara al-Ashmawi

Collections Manager

Sara Al-Ashmawi is an Associate Registrar at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, where she has worked in Registration and Collections Management since 2012. She holds a BA in Egyptology, as well as higher diplomas in Anthropology, Museum Studies, and African History from Cairo University. Sara joined the collections team at North Abydos in 2019.

Kay Barnett_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Kay Barnett


Kay Barnett is an Archaeologist with the U.S. National Park Service, based at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, where she has overseen the archaeological documentation and preservation of Ancestral Pueblo architecture since 2001. She has over thirty years of field experience in archaeological excavation, survey, and documentation; artifact recording and analysis; architectural preservation; and site conservation. She holds a BA in Anthropology from Colorado State University. At North Abydos, Kay has been responsible for detailed scaled mapping and architectural documentation at the Shunet el-Zebib since 2009.

Tony Crosby_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Anthony Crosby

Preservation Architect

Tony Crosby is a U.S.-based Preservation Architect with more than forty years of experience in the conservation of historic structures and archaeological sites. Following twenty-four years as a Historical Architect with the National Park Service, he has been in private practice since 1998, working in the protection of cultural properties internationally. He has consulted widely on the conservation of cultural heritage sites in Central America, Egypt, Hawaii, and the western U.S., including at Chaco Culture National Historical Park, the Presidio of San Francisco, Joya de Cerén World Heritage Site, and at Malqata, Deir el-Ballas, and Abydos in Egypt. He specializes in the preservation of earthen architecture, and holds a Bachelor of Science, as well as a Bachelor and Master of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin. Tony has overseen the Expedition’s architectural documentation and conservation efforts at the Shunet el-Zebib since 2004.

Ayman Damarany_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Ayman Damarany

Photographer, Archaeologist

Ayman Damarany is an Archaeologist and Inspector of Antiquities based in Sohag, Egypt. Since 2007, he has directed, supervised, and collaborated on numerous excavations and archaeological projects throughout the greater Abydos area, from South Abydos to Umm el-Qa‘ab, Kom el-Sultan, the Seti Temple, and the North Cemetery. He is the director of the Abydos Temple Paper Archive and the Ahmose Tomb Project at Abydos. He specializes in bioarchaeology and archaeological photography, and has also worked in recent years as the site and object photographer for the American Research Center in Egypt at Luxor, including as an instructor in archaeological photography for ARCE’s field schools. He holds an MA in Anthropology from Cairo University and a BA in Archaeology from Sohag University. Ayman joined the Expedition as archaeological photographer in 2018. His recent publications include “The Apa Moussa Monastery in South Abydos” in Abydos: The Sacred Land at the Western Horizon (British Museum Publications on Egypt and Sudan 8, Peeters, 2019) and, with H. Salah, “The Seti Temple Slaughterhouse Depository” in Egyptian Archaeology (2016).

Logan Dean_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Logan Dean

Photography Assistant, Bioarchaeologist

Logan Dean graduated with a BA in Biological Anthropology and Sociology from Colorado State University in 2018, with field experience in the archaeology of eastern Nova Scotia, where he completed a training program in bioarchaeology at the University of New Brunswick Bioarchaeology Field School. Logan joined the photography and excavation teams at North Abydos in 2019, assisting with on-site photographic documentation, as well as the excavation and classification of bioarchaeological material.

Wendy Doyon_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Wendy Doyon

Historian, Abydos Archaeology Editor/Writer

Wendy Doyon is a PhD candidate in History at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is writing a history of archaeology and its political economy in modern Egypt. She specializes in the global history of archaeology, museums, and the field sciences since 1800, with a particular focus on the history of modern Egypt and Egyptian archaeology. She holds an MA in Museum Studies and BA in Anthropology from the University of Washington. Wendy began writing and overseeing publication of the Expedition’s website, blog, and social media in 2018. Her recent publications include “The History of Archaeology through the Eyes of Egyptians” in Unmasking Ideology in Imperial and Colonial Archaeology (Cotsen, 2018); “On Archaeological Labor in Modern Egypt” in Histories of Egyptology: Interdisciplinary Measures (Routledge, 2015); and“The Poetics of Egyptian Museum Practice” in British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan (2008).

Nadia Ahmed_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Nadia Fawzy


Nadia Fawzy is an Archaeological Conservator with the Ministry of Antiquities based in Sohag, Egypt. She specializes in the conservation of archaeological objects and painted murals, and has recently collaborated on conservation projects at the Repit Temple at Athribis, with the University of Tübingen; the Khonsu Temple at Karnak, with the American Research Center in Egypt; and the tomb paintings at Al-Hawawish. She recently completed a Leon Levy Visiting Fellowship in the Conservation of Archaeological Materials at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, and holds an MA and BA in Conservation from Sohag University. Nadia first joined the Expedition in 2013, returning again to the conservation team in 2019. Her recent publications include a thesis on “Cleaning of Mural Paintings in Abydos Area by Enzymes: Experimental and Applying Studies” (Sohag, 2014).

Mark Gonzales_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Mark Gonzales


Mark Gonzales is a Geodetic Surveyor based in Chandler, Arizona. He specializes in Geodesy, GPS, GIS, and remote-sensing data for topographic, hydrographic, and other specialized mapping systems. He has over thirty years of survey experience with both public and private organizations, including the U.S. Department of Interior and the United States Geological Survey. At North Abydos, Mark has been responsible for establishing the geodetic control network and linking the on-the-ground spatial network to global space since 2012.

Briana Jackson_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Briana Jackson


Briana Jackson is a PhD candidate in Egyptian Art and Archaeology at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, where she specializes in religious art and architecture of the Amarna Period. She teaches Egyptology in the New York area, and holds an MA in Egyptian Art and Archaeology from the Institute of Fine Arts and a BA in Classical Civilizations from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Briana has collaborated on several projects as a Research Assistant at the Institute of Fine Arts, as well as in the field, since 2013. Her recent publications include a review of Tan Men/Pale Women: Color and Gender in Archaic Greece and Egypt, a Comparative Approach by Mary Ann Eaverly for caa.reviews (2016).

Hiroko Kariya_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Hiroko Kariya

Senior Conservator

Hiroko Kariya is an internationally based Art and Archaeological Conservator with extensive experience in Egypt. Since 1996, she has worked as a Site Conservator for the University of Chicago’s Epigraphic Survey at Luxor Temple, and has led a number of site as well as objects conservation projects at Abusir; Abydos; the Mut Temple at Karnak; the Valley of the Kings; the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York; and the Freer/Sackler Galleries in Washington, D.C. She holds an MA in Art History and Conservation from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University and a BA in Art History from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Hiroko has led the conservation team at North Abydos since 2009.

Alex Makovics_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Alexander Makovics


Alex Makovics is a GIS and Remote Sensing Analyst and Land Surveyor based in Cardiff, Wales. He specializes in regional land use analysis and archaeological resource management, and has over thirteen years of survey and field-mapping experience with a range of archaeological, environmental, and other organizations. He holds an MSc in GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology from University College London and a BA in History from Transylvania University. Alex has led the GIS mapping and physical surveying activity at North Abydos since 2004.

Michelle Marlar_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Dr. Michelle Marlar

Egyptologist, Archaeologist, Deputy Field Director

Michelle Marlar has taught in several Art & Art History Departments in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, and is currently a faculty member at the Center of Excellence for Visual and Performing Arts at Houston Community College. She holds a PhD in Egyptian Art and Archaeology from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University; an MA in Art History and Egyptology from the University of Memphis; and a BA in Archaeology from Baylor University. She specializes in Egyptian art and architecture, and is the Field Director of the Osiris Temple Project, a sub-project operating under the auspices of the North Abydos Expedition, which encompasses excavation, conservation, and documentation of finds relating to the various phases of the Osiris Temple at Abydos. Michelle first began excavating at North Abydos as a PhD student in 2001 and, in addition to her work on the Osiris Temple, has collaborated with the Expedition on a number of other projects since 2011.

Reis Ibrahim_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Reis Ibrahim Mohamed ‘Ali

Archaeological Foreman

Reis Ibrahim Mohamed ‘Ali is a third-generation Archaeological Foreman from the town of Quft in Upper Egypt. Following in the footsteps of his father, Reis Mohamed ‘Ali Abdel Rahim Mahfouz, who worked for many years at Abydos with Prof. David O’Connor, Reis Ibrahim has himself been central to fieldwork at Abydos for more than twenty years. He is a technical specialist in archaeological excavation and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Abydos workforce every field season. Reis Ibrahim has been working with the Expedition since 1991.

Ahmed Ragab_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Ahmed Ragab

Field House/Team Manager

Ahmed Ragab is the Expedition’s on-site manager, with professional training in Tourism and Hospitality. He manages the Abydos field house, with responsibility for purchasing, accounts, logistics, and special initiatives, which have included the organization of an emergency response to looting at the site during the 2011 uprising and the construction of a site protection wall around the ancient town and temple area in Kom el-Sultan. Since joining the Expedition in 1995, he has also overseen two major expansions of the Abydos field house and a series of renovations of its older facilities.


Blair Simmons

3D Specialist

Blair Simmons is an MA student in Computational Art at New York University, where she specializes in 3D modeling, scanning, and printing technologies. She has been working and teaching as a 3D artist since 2015, and holds a BA in Dramatic Literature from New York University. Blair joined the Expedition in 2019, helping to introduce 3D modeling into the documentation and analysis of archaeological material at North Abydos.

Chantal Stein_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Chantal Stein


Chantal Stein is an MS candidate in the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, where she is also studying for an MA in Art History. Her recent experience in art and archaeological conservation include projects at Villa La Pietra, NYU Textile Conservation Laboratory in Florence, Italy; the Guggenheim Museum, Brooklyn Museum, and American Museum of Natural History in New York; and the Harvard University excavations at Sardis, Turkey. She has a wide range of interests and experience in conservation technologies and holds a BA in Fine Arts from Columbia University. Chantal joined the conservation team at North Abydos in 2019.

Heather White_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Heather White


Heather White is an Objects Conservator specializing in the preservation of archaeological and ethnographic material. In 2018, she began LYLC Studio, a private practice conservation studio based in St. Louis, Missouri, where she currently resides. Since 2010, she has worked in objects conservation at the Saint Louis Art Museum and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, as well as for the Ancient Methone Archaeological Project in Greece and the Mugello Valley Archaeological Project at Poggio Colla in Italy. She holds an MA in the Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials from the UCLA/Getty Conservation Program, and a BA in Art History and Archaeology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Heather joined the conservation team at North Abydos in 2019.

Jo Young_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Jo Young


Jo Young is an Archaeologist with the U.S. National Park Service, based at Aztec Ruins National Monument in New Mexico. She has over twelve years of field experience in the southwest United States on projects ranging from excavation to survey work, architectural documentation, and site conservation, including over ten years at Mesa Verde National Park. She holds a Certificate in Anthropology and Museum Studies from Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis and a BA in English from Appalachian State University. Jo joined the excavations at North Abydos in 2009.

Quftis_North Abydos Expedition.jpg
Field House_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Director Emeritus

David OConnor_North Abydos Expedition.jpg

Prof. David O’Connor

Egyptologist, Archaeologist

David O’Connor is the Lila Acheson Wallace Professor Emeritus of Ancient Egyptian Art at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, where he joined the faculty in 1995. As one of the most distinguished and influential scholars in contemporary Egyptology and Egyptian archaeology, his career encompasses seminal contributions to anthropology and art history, as well as historical and material culture studies of both ancient Egypt and Nubia. His career in archaeology began when he was invited to join the Nubian Salvage Campaign while studying at University College London in the early 1960s. Shortly after the completion of the Nubian Salvage Campaign and the reopening of archaeological sites in Egypt to foreign researchers after a hiatus following the 1952 Revolution, he returned to Egypt to begin organizing an archaeological expedition with Prof. William Kelly Simpson, sponsored jointly by the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. The Penn-Yale Expedition to Abydos organized its first field season in 1967, touching off a half-century of excavations at the site under his leadership. After receiving his PhD from the University of Cambridge, Prof. O’Connor joined the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania, where he taught and mentored a new generation of Egyptologists and archaeologists, and curated the Penn Museum’s Egyptian collection for many years, until moving to the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University. There, he taught and published extensively on the history of Egyptian art and architecture, while continuing to direct the Penn-Yale-IFA Expedition to Abydos until his retirement in 2017. His research through the years, whether archaeological or art historical, has consistently emphasized many of the less explored aspects of ancient Egyptian society and culture, such as the complexity of Egypt’s relations with Africa and the eastern Mediterranean in antiquity, and the nature of royal palaces and elite households, in addition to the meanings of the architecture and decorative programs of tombs and temples. He is the author of numerous books and articles, including the first comprehensive treatment of Abydos — Abydos: Egypt’s Earliest Pharaohs and the Cult of Osiris (Thames and Hudson, 2009), among many other noteworthy titles, which include The Old Kingdom Town at Buhen (Egypt Exploration Society, 2014); Ramesses III: The life and times of Egypt’s last hero, ed., with Eric Cline (University of Michigan Press, 2012); Ancient Egypt in Africa, with Andrew Reid (UCL Press, 2003); Mysterious Lands (Encounters with Ancient Egypt), ed., with Stephen Quirke (UCL Press, 2003); “Society and Individual in Early Egypt” in Order, Legitimacy, and Wealth in Ancient States (Janet Richards and Mary van Buren, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2000); Ancient Egyptian Kingship, ed., with David Silverman (Brill, 1995); Ancient Nubia: Egypt’s Rival in Africa (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1993).